Horror Story Toilet Paper

Horror story fan?

Maybe a Koji Suzuki fan?

Or maybe you just like reading in the toilet?

Then perhaps you should check out Hayashi Paper‘s (Shizuoka Prefecture) newest product, the World’s Scariest Toilet Paper.

Each roll of toilet paper carries a horror story called “drop,” penned by Japanese famed horror story writer, Koji Suzuki (鈴木光司).  Clocking in at about 2,000 characters long, or about 86 cm worth of toilet paper, the story seems a bit short, but that’s also apparently one of it’s selling points.  I guess if these things were too long, you might end up going through an entire roll just to read the whole story.  Environmentally, that might be deplorable, but couldn’t that lead to more sales?

The horror story toilet paper is set to go on sale starting June 6th and will be available for purchase online and from major retailers.  One roll will cost 210 yen (or roughly $2).

(Mainichi Shimbun)
鈴木光司氏のホラー小説がプリントされた、日本一怖いトイレットペーパー (Oricon)
Hayashi Paper Company

Teenagers Beware: Tokyo to test out “Mosquito” device

Looks like Tokyo is going to try out one of those Mosquito devices from Britain in an attempt to ward off unwanted teenagers at parks during the late-night hours.  The testing will take place at Kitashikahama Park in the Adachi Ward area.

Ward officials said residents have complained about noisy youths gathering at the park late at night. Restroom taps and other property in the area have been vandalized, with the total cost of the damage reaching about 700,000 yen in one year. The ward had paid a security company about 3 million yen a year for late-night patrols, but it decided to install the device after receiving a suggestion from a ward office worker.

The device will be connected to a timer that will activate the unit from 11pm to 5am.  Park officials are expecting to hear some objections to their use of the Mosquito, but with so many residents complaining about the noisy youths, they really had no other choice to at least give it a try.  If testing goes well, officials may decide to install the device at other “problem” parks.

Melc Co. sells the Mosquito for about 200,000yen a pop.

Source: Tokyo ward to install sonic ‘Mosquito’ device at park to drive away loitering youths (MDN)

Somenya – そうめんや

Perhaps it was only a matter of time…

Bandai released a new item on April 18th in the Cook Joy product line called Somenya (そうめんや).  Purchasing the product will enable you to eat nagashi somen (流しそうめん) right from the comfort of your own home!

The unit requires assembly (18 pieces in all) and can easily be taken apart for storage or transport (comes with it’s own cloth carrying bag).

Somenya is targeted for children older than 6 and comes with a somewhat hefty price tag of 8,400yen (or roughly US$84).

You can get more information about Somenya at the official site, or through the official press release (both are in Japanese).