Born (in Manhattan, NY) and raised (in Tarrytown, NY) by Japanese parents. Now living in a crazed metropolitan called Tokyo, Japan.

Graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Cinema. A few months prior to graduating, joined the staff of WoodPlanet as Lead Web Developer. Shortly after graduating, relocated to Cambridge, MA (despite being a huge Yankee fan) to be closer to the company office.

While at WoodPlanet, worked on various projects, mainly dealing with the wood sourcing engine that was built from scratch by team members. Also helped out with client web site development projects.

A few years later, took a deep dive off into the somewhat relative unknown of Japanese society and culture. Worked a few months teaching English conversation, but jumped ship and began working for TV Asahi through a temp agency.

Initially employed as an International Program Sales Agent, suddenly found myself working on a variety of other projects that included program sales sheet design, Japanese to English translation, and basic computer support for members in the immediate department.

A year later, was transfered to the Anime Sales Department and worked on product merchandising and marketing for the international market. Continued program sales sheet design and Japanese to English translation in free time. Also became heavily involved in contract creation and modification.

Left TV Asahi after 23 months. Began work as a freelance consultant. Previous jobs include program sales sheets, tv program bibles, posters, and Japanese to English contract translations.

Currently chasing the dream of working in film.