egil olsenユニクロCM、黒木メイサ篇

Good morning maybe you don’t know
There’s something in the air that’s going around
Precious and fragile something inside
A new beginning to my future days
I see the lighter sweeter affair
There is no coming down… Yeah
’cause the most beautiful season of my life is here now
A new day
I’m moving on because I’ve found my own way

Grand Funk Inc

Have a hole burning in your wallet?

If you’re in Japan, you can always try buying a pack of 5 strawberries for 50,000 yen.

At the current exchange rate, that works out to about $552.35 for five strawberries, or about $110 for one strawberry.

Each strawberry is about 65 grams, so they’re much larger than your standard strawberry, but goodness.

$110 for one strawberry?!

But wait, it’s January and that means the strawberries are larger now than they were last month.

And guess what, strawberries that weigh in at 80 grams will set you back 50,000 yen a piece.

That’s $552.35 for one strawberry.


You can find out more at the bijinhime website.  (bijinhime is the name of the strawberry.)

Pepsi Azuki