Gen Sueyoshi

Contact Supplied on demand

  • Extensive knowledge of IBM/compatible computers. Abilities include troubleshooting and computer construction. Working knowledge of computer networks (LANS).
  • Programming Languages: HTML, Cold Fusion and PHP. Working knowledge of Perl/CGI, Javascript, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Access, C++ and Pascal. Currently studying: Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, ActiveX, Flash.
  • Familiar with FrontPage, FlexED and HomeSite. Mainly working from notepad.
  • Vast knowledge of Windows 95/98, most word processors, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, Ulead PhotoImpact and Media Studio Pro. Working knowledge with Windows2000. Currently studying Linux RedHat platform.
  • Native English speaker with Japanese speaking abilities. Currently learning more Japanese to increase reading and writing awareness.
  • Skilled data-entry abilities and above average typing speed.
  • Excellent customer handling skills.

Freelance Consultant
Tokyo, Japan

  • Document translations for contracts, television program episode summaries, and a variety of other text from Japanese to English.
  • Design English version program sales sheets, posters, and logos for media programs.
  • Develop product / program bibles for branding purposes and sales.
  • Troubleshoot, install, and code web applications for small to medium-sized organizations (using PHP and MySQL). Also includes web design and development.

Founder SimCentral.NET (formerly Baseball Sim Central)
Sim Central, Tokyo, Japan

  • Founded, created, designed and maintain web site (
  • Coordinated the recruitment of staff.
  • Written extensive reviews for Game Companies (EASports, 3DO, Microsoft, and others).
  • Tested demos, ALPHA and BETA versions for bugs.
  • Over 3,500,000 unique hits since 1/1999.

International Sales / Merchandising & Marketing
Asahi Service, Roppongi Hills, Japan

  • Created sales sheets for various programs and animations.
  • Translated titles, episode titles, and summaries from Japanese to English for various content.
  • Handled program sales in Asia and merchandising in Europe.

English Instructor
Linguaphone Academy, Shinjuku, Japan

  • Created courses designed for 90 minute classes.
  • Taught Introductory, Level 1, and Level 2 classes.

Children’s English Review Instructor
JAL Academy, Sendagaya, Japan

  • Worked along-side main teacher to ensure students are learning.
  • Developed games to help make learning interesting and fun for students.
  • Designed lesson plans to maximize learning time.

Head Web Developer / Designer, Cambridge, MA

  • Developed prototype and final release designs.
  • Created graphical advertisements for publications.
  • Worked with database engineer to create front and back end modules.
  • Researched company computer/web server needs.
  • Worked with clients to build a presence on the internet for their companies.

Web Administrator – Cinema Dept
Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

  • Designed and implemented a user-friendly web site.
  • Programmed back-end and front-end for course and film listing database.
  • Conducted meetings and surveys to gain knowledge of students’ and professors’ needs.

Sales Associate
Radio Shack, Vestal, NY

  • Interaction with customers involved sales support, advice and suggestions.
  • Operated store during Manager’s absence (responsibilities included: opening and closing store, handling of bank deposits, as well as customer complaints).
  • Continual growth in personal sale figures.
Summers of 95-97

Computer Programmer
Nippon Photo Clinic, Inc., NYC, NY

  • Created and implemented a program for inventory and camera tracking.
  • Created, designed and maintained corporate web site (
  • Performed data-entry for camera parts and other information.
  • Handled customers both on the phone and in person.
  • Washington Post 9/15/2002 Pg F1 “America’s Pastime, in Front of the Tube”
  • Entertainment Weekly Issue #524 1/28/2000 Pg 83
  • PC GAMER Vol 6 No. 12 12/1999 Pg 226
  • PC GAMES 10/1998 Pg 38 “Bookmark This Site”
  • Other Awards: Playboy Online Top 10 Best Baseball Sites on the Net (1/1999), Jayde Gold Diamond Award (11/98), Fan Site of the Week (9/23/98), Gamesmania Gold Site (9/12/98)

Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
Bachelor of Art in Cinema, 1/2000